NewGen Motors

1503 E. Clinton St. : Bartow FL 33830

Phone: (863) 682-4000

About Us

##### We may seem like just another used car dealer on the corner, but our history tells a different story! It's true that there are plenty of Buy-Here-Pay-Here lots that won't check your credit or ask about your job history, but is there one that will stick with you until the end?

How It All Started

After seeing countless customers be turned away due to less-than-perfect credit or put in unreliable cars, our founders set out to build a different kind of dealership. As our founder says, “if I can’t put my wife in it, I’m not putting my customer in it.” Providing reliable, affordable cars to those in need is not just possible, it's expected. The communities we serve should not have to settle for anything less.

How It's Going

Bringing along a couple of close friends, the original location opened its doors in Lakeland, Florida, on Highway 98, just east of downtown. Within a few short years, our company expanded to our second location in Bartow, still offering the same kind of reliable cars available with no credit checks. In anticipation of future growth and customer requests, the company recently purchased an auto shop in Bartow and combined operations to a single location.

As we sold cars for the first few years, it became apparent to our founders that providing quality, affordable vehicles was only the beginning of bringing a reliable vehicle to our customers. We understand that with pre-owned cars, it’s not a matter of IF they’ll break down, it’s a matter of WHEN they’ll break down. To fight this fact and ensure that our vehicles are truly reliable, we launched our VIP program in 2023. As we sell more cars and listen to our customers’ needs, we continue to make improvements. By seeing our customers succeed at life, our drive to provide affordable, quality vehicles is fueled. The availability of reliable transportation makes this possible.

Our Mission

We are here to sell reliable, affordable transportation in the community we serve.

When people in our communities don’t have access to quality transportation, our communities suffer. When parents can’t make it to work, or the grocery store, or school, or the doctor, or evening and weekend activities, families suffer. When employees aren’t able to make it to work on time due to car problems, businesses suffer. Transportation is a critical part of our lives that we don’t think about until it’s not there.

At NewGen, our committed team continues to work hard to improve the customer experience so that we can offer you a higher quality vehicle at a better value. We want to make sure that bad credit, job status, and past financial mishaps won’t stop you from owning a dependable car.

While addressing your transportation needs is our number one priority, it doesn’t end there. We are constantly seek to improve every part of our business to ensure that the vehicle you purchase from us remains to serve you well for the life of your loan and beyond.

You have places to go, people to see. We ensure you get there!

Contact Info

Address: 1503 E. Clinton St. : Bartow, FL 33830
Phone: (863) 682-4000